Why DiscipleKit?

Disciplekit was conceived by James Lawrence of CPAS as a service to both the Christian church and to those who produce resources for Christian discipleship. The reviews and ratings are seen as an integral part of this service, enabling searchers to find inspiring resources, and discover if they are suitable for their situation. The DiscipleKit project is headed up by Diana Archer.

How we review and rate resources

New material is being added to the site all the time. We hope that you find DiscipleKit immediately useful, but our aim is that this will increase as we add to the resources. Each resource is reviewed under the below sections, and rated out of 5. An overall rating is calculated for each resource. As they answer the review questions, the reviewers have the following guidelines in mind:

Ease of use

  • How accessible is the material overall? Layout, look, easy to read? Clarity is the key here.
  • How much preparation will I have to do? (The less preparation, the higher the rating. Alternatively, if there is more but it looks straightforward, then the rating is higher)

Approach to learning

  • Catering for a variety of learning styles gets a higher score.
  • Adaptability, interaction, working together (often between sessions or ongoing) pushes it up too.

Engaging with the Bible

  • Significant amount of Bible increases the rating, minimal amounts of Bible decreases the rating.
  • We are looking for the biblical material to be both explored for itself and grounded in real life applications. So this may take the score up again for example in evangelistic material, even if there is not much actual Bible text/focus.
  • Theological perspective does not affect rating

Growing in faith

  • This is key to discipleship growth. We are looking for either a good range which encourages discipleship-as-lifestyle, or good depth in fewer subjects. Either pushes up the score.
  • The approach has to be possible and real, not just theoretical, with practical applications.
  • To include a stretching vision of God, to expand and deepen understanding of who he is.

Engaging with the world

  • Evangelism, mission, big issues and community engagement all push up scores.
  • Whereas a resource may be focused on one aspect of discipleship, score goes up if they acknowledge these aspects as well (i.e. personal evangelism, community involvement, global issues, global mission), if not acknowledged at all score goes down.

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Bios of reviewers

Diana Archer (MA, Nottingham University)

has worked as a church planter, missionary, editor, writer and theologian. She has contributed to both individual discipleship resources (eg Day by Day with God, BRF) and group discipleship resources (eg Managing Editor and writer of Connect Bible Studies, Damaris, available from Scripture Union). Seeing people grow as disciples of Jesus has always been a fascination and passion for her. She also co-founded and is the CEO of the charity tastelife, helping people break free from eating disorders (www.tastelifeuk.org).

Amy Mitchell (BSc, University of Bristol)

has been active in children’s work for 9 years. She has worked with 5-11 year olds in small groups, church groups and festival settings such as New Wine. She has written and designed church material for children both in the UK and Tanzania. She is a published scientific writer (BiologyOpen) and now works for the British Red Cross coordinating care of the elderly. She loves seeing Jesus shine through children.

Andy Castle

is the founder and director of Thrive Youth Ministries, a charity based in the Midlands (www.thriveym.org.uk). Thrive enables churches to be more confident and effective in reaching out to, and discipling young people. Andy has been a youth minister for 18 years. He is passionate about the Church being both relevant for young people and enabling all ages to live life to the full in Jesus. Andy is married to Caroline and they have three children.