Frequently asked questions

This website is growing on a daily basis so please do let us know if you have any questions about it, our vision or any of the resources that we review. Many of our frequently asked questions are shown below but please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other questions.

How do I find what I am looking for?
Use the search functions if you know what you are looking for – refine by group type, publication type, age range and more. Use the explore functions if you want to browse wider categories, such as Youth resources or resources for Enquirers.
Where do the resources come from?
We are majoring on resources available in the UK, provided by Christian publishers, charities and organisations. This includes those produced by different denominations. Some resources from outside the UK are also here.
Have you got any advice for me when I am choosing a resource?
  • The aim of this site is not to sell you a resource, but to resource you. Christians are people on a journey that is both towards God and with God. The best resource for you is not the one that has the highest scores in DiscipleKit, but the one that fits best the phase of the journey you are on. So step one is to pause and reflect on where you, or your group are on the journey. What are the features of that journey that you are looking to understand better that will help you move towards maturity?  Ask God to help you find just the right thing.
  • Try not to approach the task in a rush. The reason we have spent 3 hours on each resource is in order to carefully define each one’s distinguishing features and qualities. If you are choosing an 8 week resource say for 10 people to use, assuming a 2 hour session that is 160 hours of people’s time. Don’t grab the first thing that appeals but find two or three possibilities that you can take back to the group to prayerfully select. It will help their anticipation of what God might do.
  • Read carefully the session on ‘preparation’, and try to be realistic about your group. Some resources are excellent and will work best if carefully prepared. The person leading will most likely benefit themselves through the preparation. But if you have a group that has low confidence or limited time, it may work better if you choose one that requires less preparation on the part of the leader.
  • Take note of digital components. If the resource requires downloads, printing, or has audio or video files, make sure that you have the ability to make them available for the meeting; if there is any doubt you might be better with a fully printed resource.
  • Finally, if you start a resource that looks good, but find it isn’t working well for the group, don’t make them go all the way through it – that is the joy of this website – learn from what isn’t working and come back again.
Who does the reviews?
Diana Archer (CPAS), Andy Castle (Thrive Youth Ministries), Amy Mitchell (British Red Cross), Isobel Wilkinson (CPAS). See Bios here.
How did you choose the review questions?
We asked an extensive range of church leaders and small group leaders from different denominations the questions they have in mind when considering using a resource. We distilled our categories and questions from these. We hope you find them helpful.
How are the review questions answered, and ratings chosen?
The questions reflect the top concerns from leaders of discipleship groups. The reviewers do not expect everyone to agree with their conclusions, but aim to be as helpful as possible with accurate and factual information. Each section is rated out of 5, and an overall rating calculated for each resource. For a fuller explanation, please see Why DiscipleKit.
How do I make a list of my favourites?
Create a personal profile here, and click on Add to favourites by the resource.
How do I create a personal profile?
Go to Register ….
How do I contribute a comment about a resource I have used?
Register, create your profile and let us know what you think. We ask you to contribute in the same spirit that the reviews have been written – aiming to provide useful information for others. Comments will be uploaded on a regular basis by CPAS, which retains the right not to include derogatory or inappropriate material.
What is CPAS?
CPAS is an Anglican evangelical mission agency working with churches, mainly in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Its key areas of work are:
  • Making disciples of young people and developing leadership potential through Ventures and Falcon Camps.
  • Resourcing churches in developing missional leaders.
  • Developing key local church leaders for mission.
  • Taking a national lead in furthering missional leadership through our patronage work.
Discover more at
What if the link to access a resource does not work?
It may be that the link we found is now out of date. Please try another route through a general search engine. It would be great if you would let us know as well, through Contact us.
What age-ranges do the children and youth sections cover?
We have defined Children as those 2 – 11, and Youth as 11-18+
Must resources be currently in print for you to include them?
The resources we include must be available, one way or another. Some may have moved from print to download, but must be accessible.
How do I suggest a resource to you for inclusion on DiscipleKit?
To suggest a new resource to be considered on the website, simply complete this form. This will be sent off to our editorial review team who will review the resource and decide if it is eligible for inclusion on this website.
Who produces the leadership email, and what does it include?
CPAS produces the free leadership email Lead On once a month. It includes:
  • Viewpoint from James Lawrence, CPAS leadership principal.
  • In-depth article on a key leadership topic, from a series of guest writers.
  • Resource recommendations (books, websites, video, audio).
  • Quote of the month.
To sign up for the email updates, please fill in your email address in the appropriate box at the bottom of any page.
If you consider a resource to be unhelpful or frankly not well done, will you include it on the site?
No. We are aiming to encourage the use of the many good and excellent resources that exist to enable positive discipleship. There are some brilliant resources out there, and we want to promote them.