Discipleship really matters

When Jesus walked this earth, he invited people to follow him. He encouraged them to learn from him, leaving behind what they already knew in order to go with him, get to know him and be changed by being with him.

Those who responded became disciples – followers who would learn to see the world through his eyes and see people with his compassion. These disciples had their worlds turned upside down and inside out by the unique man they followed. Then they turned our world upside down and inside out in his name.

As risen Saviour, Jesus invites us into that same relationship with him. Incredibly, we too are invited to follow him and to be his disciples. And in a world of increasing challenge and complexity, our discipleship really counts. Who else will act in Jesus’ name, unless we do?

The vision for DiscipleKit, launched by CPAS, is to energise that vital discipleship journey by gathering together resources which are inspiring, empowering, interesting and accessible. It is for busy church and group leaders, of adults, youth and children. It is for anyone who wants to find out more about discipleship.

We are beginning with resources for groups of disciples. As Jesus demonstrated, this is a good way to start. We don’t want to stop there. We want to include resources for individuals, for whole churches, for all ages . . . We want this to be the one-stop resource in itself for the journeying disciple. We want DiscipleKit to serve the Church.

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