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Resource of the Season: Advent Conspiracy

Advent Conspirancy

Can Christmas still change the world? Are you tired of how consumerism has stolen the soul of Christmas? This year, take a stand! If you want something a bit different to study during Advent and the run up to Christmas, this is the resource for you. An inspiring and novel approach, that is both essentially practical and deeply theological.

Suitable for most […]

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DiscipleKit – Your feedback

DiscipleKit Your Feedback

Another outstanding resource from CPAS – both church leaders and those pursuing there own spiritual journeys will be deeply grateful for such a (growing) range of materials. Once again the Church is indebted to CPAS. Thank you and keep up the good work. John Samways

Excellent, what a really useful site you have produced, it is going to save a lot […]

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Have you activated your sign up?

We are delighted that so many of you are joining us on DiscipleKit – but if you have any problems signing in, do make sure you have clicked on the activation link in the email we sent you (check your spam if necessary). Some of you are languishing in our ‘pending’ folder – it would be great to have […]

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Resource of the month!

More than conquerors

For our first ever recommended resource of the month, we love Simon Guillebaud’s passion, clarity and commitment in More Than Conquerers. In view of current events in Burundi, this is a doubly¬†thought-provoking resource, and Guillebaud’s call to radical discipleship particularly poignant. Get it, use it and pray for Burundi.

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DiscipleKit Website Launch

We are excited about the launch of Discovering so many great resources to review is an inspiring journey. We are working as hard as we can to get more resources up quickly. DiscipleKit is a useful and creative tool which will lead you to resources you never knew existed. Sign up for our email updates today. On DiscipleKit you […]

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