Being God’s People: The Confirmation and Discipleship Handbook
Robin Greenwood and Sue Hart, SPCK, 2011

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What does it say on the tin?

The Church has the extraordinary gift of the Eucharist through which to show the world its true life… [In] gathering, singing, listening, speaking and moving together, we become contemporaries of Christ, drawn more deeply into God’s life and future hope for creation.’

Robin Greenwood and Sue Hart are passionate about the idea of the local church as community. They believe that although as representatives, clergy and other leaders are required to be faithful on behalf of all God’s people, it is now urgent that everyone be equipped to participate fully in God’s mission, through many roles and gifts. Taking the Eucharist as a framework for Christian community living, Being God’s People helps groups increase the local church’s confidence and ability to:

  • welcome and integrate newcomers
  • make new disciples
  • prepare Confirmation candidates
  • make new leaders
  • live in the gift of the Eucharist
  • grow in intimacy with God
  • explore faith
  • enjoy diversity
  • develop talents
  • encourage all to become a compelling part of God’s story

What do you get and how?

This is a paperback handbook

Who is it for?

This handbook offers an invaluable guide for individuals and groups to reflect on community belief and practice. Structured around the shape of the Eucharist, it provides practical suggestions for churches to develop learning for discipleship and Confirmation as well as material for existing groups to study.




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