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What does it say on the tin?

Disciple: Life. Freedom. Purpose. A 10-week interactive multimedia course to help you make your life count.

Across the Western world, young adults are turning their backs on the church. Most now have no real grounding in Christianity and in just one generation the number of young adults in church has halved.

Whilst these so-called ‘millennials’ (those born from the 1980s onwards) may have turned their back on what they perceive as the hypocrisy of organized religion, they hunger for authenticity and spirituality. They want direction and meaning. When they see Jesus for who He is, they find Him infectious. This generation isn’t missing without hope; it’s lost and looking for life’s true path and purpose!

Nearly every church leader will tell you that reaching the millennial generation is top of their priorities – but they don’t have the resources they need. Disciple is our response to that. It is a 10-session multi-media small group course that communicates the life-changing message of Freedom in Christ to the millennial generation in their own language.

What do you get?

‘Based on the best-selling Freedom In Christ Course by Neil T Anderson and Steve Goss, it will help them [the millennials] take hold of their freedom, know who they are in Christ, resolve spiritual issues, and be transformed.’

£179.00 is for the starter pack for 10 people and includes: Leader’s Guide (which includes the Participant’s Guide too); Participant’s Guide; App (£1.99); DVD. Backup materials like 3 posters, 50 leaflet invitations, and 10 each of three postcards. Also includes Steps to Freedom in Christ materials: DVD and participants material. Each group member needs a copy of the Participant’s Guide, plus App if possible.

Disciple format:

  1. Your unwritten autobiography
  2. How the story starts
  3. A true story
  4. The story of the world
  5. The story of the flesh
  6. The story of the devil
  7. Truth and emotions
  8. Forgiving from the heart
    The Steps to Freedom in Christ
  9. Walking into the next chapter
  10. Action story

Writers: Steve Goss, Jess Regnart, Dan Lodge, David Edwards, Rob Peabody, André Adefope.

Leader’s Guide includes guide and more information about Freedom In Christ Ministries. Participant App includes a ‘Daily Nugget’ based on each session, FIC Daily Devotional, Extra Teaching films, the ‘Starter Films’ for each session, and ‘Stronghold-buster’ tool.

Who is it for?

Designed for millennials – Young adults born between 1980s and 2004. Beginning, Growing. Possibly Enquiring – includes an invitational prayer in Session 1 to become a Christian.


  • What is the overall quality of material presentation?

    A comprehensive, well-produced and unique resource, designed to enable the millenial generation to connect thoroughly with discipleship, in their own language.

    How clear are its aims and outcomes?

    ‘It will equip you to help young adults understand their mandate and become radical disciples of Jesus whose lives count for eternity.’ The introduction to the leader’s guide makes it clear that the aim is to help millennials understand and live by the implications of what Jesus has done for them, through the transformation of their minds.

    How accessible are the leader’s notes?

    Substantial A5 book, colourful and clear. Summaries of teaching contained in DVD sessions. Session follow a similar pattern:

    Welcome (refreshments, Brief Introduction, Short Time of Worship, Prayer, Declaration of truth (from Session 6 onwards), Starter Film (short film which raises open questions around the topic));
    Key 1 via DVD (9/10 minutes); Chat response (discussion);
    Key 2 via DVD (9/10 minutes); Chat response (discussion);
    Key 3 via DVD (9/10 minutes);
    Reflect (reflective, prayer time, usually in smaller groups);
    Going Deeper (for follow up during the week).

    Thorough timings given on all segments and videos. In fact, thorough guidance given for the whole course, in every way, from aims to facilitation. All input is via the DVD with no option to present it any other way, in order to keep the focus on discussion rather than teaching. Ten Steps to Freedom in Christ material included and encouraged as essential. Information provided on all other extra material – see ‘What do you get?’ above. Notes on emotional, practical and spiritual preparation for the leaders and team. Intentional and motivational, but tries not to be directional – mostly succeeds.

    Who could lead it?

    The material suggests a ‘reasonably mature Christian’. However, it is a significant course with lots of preparation and a high level of commitment to see it through. A team would be best, which includes a range of skills and experience.

    How helpful are the participants’ resources?

    The participant’s guide states that ‘disciple is about your story and how it is intertwined with the greatest story ever told – God’s story. It will take you on a journey to understand your life’s real purpose so that you make an impact that will count for eternity.’ Each session is a mix of DVD clips and pauses for discussion; plus a reflection time at the end. Going Deeper suggestions follow. Extra films on the App include: Why believe the Bible?; The gift of sex; Overcoming fear and taking a risk for Jesus. Well-produced and attractive book with plenty of room for journaling. Contemporary style.

    How good is any digital material?

    DVD clips are part of each session. Really well produced. One presenter to the lively and creative Starter video clips with people-focused millennials – plus a few other ages! - talking about their reactions to each topic. Café location to the teaching talks – with three presenters to each slot, all of whom are engaging and natural speakers. Extra material on App, which is excellent, easy to use and a great asset to the overall production.

    How much prep will I have to do?

    This is a significant course, so quite a bit of prep to make the most of it. The sessions are thoroughly presented, so there is a good deal of familiarisation to do beforehand. All input is via the DVD.

    Is there website support? Links?

    Lots of backup material on www.ficm.org.uk including access to the app and samples of disciple. Publicity: invitations which are over-printable, poster.

  • How well does it encourage interaction with the group?

    Regular chat stops, worship and prayer times encouraged.

    How well does it cater for a variety of both learning and delivery styles?

    Each session has a mixture of video watching – Starter film and teaching - chatting, optional note-taking, attractive participants’ books.

    How adaptable is it to my situation?

    Firmly designed for millennials (born between 1980s and 2004). However, the presentation would suit older generations as well – have a look at https://www.ficm.org.uk/disciple and see what you think. Although the video material is excellent, this resource is unlikely to suit a non-reading audience as the responses are focused around the considerable participants’ guide.

    How well does it encourage people to work together in applying the material?

    Regular stops for chatting keep the focus; Going Deeper has further application ideas. All questions for discussion and reflection encourage personal engagement, and group engagement, with the material. App has all essential material on it, plus Starter Films and Extra videos, plus follow up material for the week. Very good standard.

  • How much of the material is Bible-based?

    Much of it. All input is biblically-based.

    How well is the biblical material presented and used?

    Founded on an unshakeable conviction that the Bible means what it says. Progression through biblical material, exploring what genuine, radical discipleship looks like. Exploration of the impact of the lies we believe about ourselves, compared to the truth the Bible tells us. Bible stories, many passages and verses are printed in full in guides. Bible is seen as the supreme resource.

    How well does it apply biblical material to everyday life?

    Material carefully begins where millennials are likely to be ‘at’, and leads participants step by step to engage with the relevant biblical passages and truths. Non-judgemental but clear and uncompromising about the reality of freedom in Christ, and how to get there. Encourages intentional choices.

    Is there a particular theological perspective?

    Firmly Evangelical.

  • How well does it inspire people towards whole-life discipleship?

    No-holds-barred presentation of the gospel and its implications, starting from the ‘identity-theft’ of the Fall in Genesis.

    How well does it encourage and enable people to grow in their faith?

    The choice to follow Jesus is presented very early on in the first session, on the basis of the principles of The Parable of the Two Sons. Material works its way carefully through the implications of belonging to Jesus and what it means for our lives, thinking and believing. Focus on providing tools to help the principle of Romans 12.1,2 become a reality in our lives. Lots of opportunities to be very intentional about our responses, both now and into the future.

    How well does it stretch faith and vision of God and his purposes?

    A really thorough exploration of the Gospel in the context of the whole of salvation history, well rooted in application which is relevant to the millennial generations.

    How well does it connect with real life issues?

    Connects extremely well, with open admission of the likely issues that millennials will be concerned with. The three presenters are honest, open and inspiring. Some participants may need more support than others in working out the implications of the input.

  • How well does it encourage personal evangelism?

    The course gives participants an opportunity to hear and respond to the Good News of the Gospel. Its main focus is to help people to get going as disciples, particularly millennials.

    How well does it encourage local or network-based community involvement?

    Not a particular focus in the material; except for the closing sessions which encourage participants to engage with what God’s bigger plans for their lives might be.

    How well does it connect with global issues?

    Not a focus.

    How well does it encourage global mission?

    Strongly implicit.

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