The Rebel’s Guide to The Good News
Cris Rogers, Elevation 2013

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What does it say on the tin?

Jesus was a rebel who came to show us an alternative way of living. He came to model the counter-cultural daily rebellion of living out the Scriptures. He came to bring life to our relationship with God, our neighbours and creation. Jesus calls this message Good News. The Good News isn’t just that Jesus died for our sins, it’s much more than that. He saves us not just from something but for something. He saves us to partner with him as movement makers, revolution initiators and planet shakers. His Church is the co-conspirator in the biggest rebellion the world has ever seen, against sin, the world and the devil. How will we share and embody the Good News of the rebel we follow?

Including Bible study, discussion questions and prayer pointers, this six-part short film resource explores how we can be, say and do the gospel, so that others experience the deep and beautiful news that is truly good.

What do you get?

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Both versions come with a DVD containing all 6 short films, lasting between 11-15 minutes each. There is also a short booklet with suggestions for leading each session and discussion questions. The youthwork edition contains ideas for icebreakers and response times as well. The sessions are:

  1. What is the Gospel?
  2. Good News that is an explosion of joy
  3. Good News that is unravelled
  4. Good News that is powerful
  5. Good News that loiters
  6. No books but Gospel empowered communities

Who is it for?

It is for committed Christians who want to learn how to live out their faith more fully and actively. The youth version is for Christian teenagers and young adults. Small groups. Beginning and Growing.


  • What is the overall quality of material presentation?

    Each film is produced to a very high standard, based around a ‘talking head' from Cris Rogers, an author, speaker, pastor and church visionary. The teaching is supplemented by a video story throughout each film.

    How clear are its aims and outcomes?

    The aims are pretty straightforward: it wants to help people have more of a lived-out faith.

    How accessible are the leader's notes?

    The leader's notes are brief but clear.

    Who could lead it?

    Anyone with experience of leading a discussion and facilitating a group.

    How helpful are the participants' resources?


    How good is any digital material?

    The DVD is excellent and compelling viewing.

    How much prep will I have to do?

    You need to watch the film before each session and think through how you might answer the discussion questions. If you are using the youth edition, you might want to consider how to use the activities and responses too.

    Is there website support? Links?


  • How well does it encourage interaction with the group?

    The format is based around watching a short video and then a group discussion.

    How well does it cater for a variety of both learning and delivery styles?

    The films include a mixture of visual storytelling, teaching and stories of how the author has seen the gospel lived out.

    How adaptable is it to my situation?

    It is offered very simply, leaving the structure open to the leader to set.

    How well does it encourage people to work together in applying the material?

    Very well, it is dependent on group discussion.

  • How much of the material is Bible-based?

    Each session is based around several Bible passages, and all the teaching is based on Scripture.

    How well is the biblical material presented and used?

    Cris speaks in a contemporary manner - inspiring and challenging.

    How well does it apply biblical material to everyday life?

    The main aim is to motivate Christians to live out their faith more and it is successful in this aim.

    Is there a particular theological perspective?

    Open to the Spirit's leading and to being God's hands and feet in our communities.

  • How well does it inspire people towards whole-life discipleship?

    The resource communicates that faith needs to be lived out and make a difference to those who don't yet know Jesus.

    How well does it encourage and enable people to grow in their faith?

    It is very inspiring and will challenge both new Christians and those who have been believers for some time.

    How well does it stretch faith and vision of God and his purposes?

    It helps participants to see that God is wanting to do much more in our communities than we might imagine.

    How well does it connect with real life issues?

    The films are set in everyday life and focuses on how we can learn to share our faith naturally and intentionally.

  • How well does it encourage personal evangelism?

    This is the main aim of the course.

    How well does it encourage local or network-based community involvement?

    This resource excels in this area, offering suggestions and practical out-workings of the teaching. There are also stories of how friends of the author have tried to live out their faith in their communities.

    How well does it connect with global issues?

    This is not addressed explicitly.

    How well does it encourage global mission?

    This is addressed briefly but is more about sharing our faith wherever we are, whether locally or further afield.

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