Story Bearer
Phil Knox, IVP, 2020

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What does it say on the tin?

Most people find faith because they know another Christian, see the difference Jesus makes, and hear their story. Yet most of us are reluctant faith sharers. This book inspires every Christian to see themselves as a story bearer.

Four distinct stories collide in great evangelism: God’s story, our story, the story of our friends and the story of our culture. The book expounds them all, encouraging us to learn and tell well the first two and listen and react well to the others.

Phil Knox punctuates his book with engaging accounts of success and failure. Story bearing has the potential to change the world of those around you.

What do you get?

Paperback book with accompanying online, downloadable sessions for small groups available from, plus Youtube videos for each session:

  1. God’s story
  2. Your story
  3. Their story
  4. Culture’s story
  5. Prayer

Youth version available via Youtube.

Who is it for?

Adults, small groups. Beginning, Growing.


  • What is the overall quality of material presentation?

    An inspiring, honest and exciting dive into the turbulent waters of evangelism, that brings hope, clarity and practical ways to learn how to swim with enjoyment. This will help so many to offer their story of Jesus to others with joy and confidence.

    How clear are its aims and outcomes?

    Aims for each session are clearly set out. They include the recommendation to read the relevant chapters from the book before the session. No timings.

    How accessible are the leader’s notes?

    Downloads are A4, easy to read and just a few pages for each session. Recap (Things to share since last session including any practise with story-telling); Welcome (introducing the theme including discussion, watching the relevant short video, reading the Bible story with discussion); Activity (Video, short extract from book or activity engaging with the theme); Response (Bible passage, possible activity and time for reflection); Prayer (Suggested prayer).

    Who could lead it?

    Any leader with a heart for evangelism, or wanting to get one…

    How helpful are the participants’ resources?

    All participants would need a copy of the book.

    How good is any digital material?

    Great range of Youtube videos, pulled from a variety of sources. Thought-provoking, creative and memorable.

    How much prep will I have to do?

    Essential to read the book. Familiarisation with the session downloads, setting up video links, preparing for some activities. Would easily translate to online delivery.

    Is there website support? Links? Good site with downloads, encouragement, blogs and links to buy the book.

  • How well does it encourage interaction with the group?

    Very good feature of this resource. The input from the book material and the sessions will stimulate lively and relevant discussion and engagement. Prayer, too.

    How well does it cater for a variety of both learning and delivery styles?

    Great mix of reading, discussion, visual, videos and responsive activities and prayer that any could do.

    How adaptable is it to my situation?

    The Sessions could just work on their own without the book in a low literate setting. Otherwise, should appeal to a wide range of churchgoers, wherever they are on the journey.

    How well does it encourage people to work together in applying the material?

    Recap every week gives all a chance to say how they are responding to learning how to tell their story. Support of each other is both explicit and implicit. Helps people to think things through for themselves

  • How much of the material is Bible-based?

    At least two Bible passages every time, and some of the video content has biblical themes.

    How well is the biblical material presented and used?

    Good mix of straight-forward reading of the Bible as well as exploring it from reflective angles and discussion. This gives space for the biblical material to speak for itself.

    How well does it apply biblical material to everyday life?

    Centred around the good news of Jesus and what it means for us and for others – and the difference that following Jesus makes to all of our lives.

    Is there a particular theological perspective?

    People need to know Jesus.

  • How well does it inspire people towards whole-life discipleship?

    The book and the sessions work very well together to inspire people to work together on this.

    How well does it encourage and enable people to grow in their faith?

    Given that this resource is centred on learning how to offer the good news of Jesus to others in helpful ways, it is powerful, creative and practical.

    How well does it stretch faith and vision of God and his purposes?

    If we walk alongside the author as he helps us to connect our story, God’s story and the story of others, this will inevitably stretch our faith and vision, in all the best ways.

    How well does it connect with real life issues?

    Sensitivity to others is encouraged, while the main aim of engaging with the story of God for ourselves and others is central. It’s all about listening well, not just imposing our agendas.

  • How well does it encourage personal evangelism?

    If you want to learn how to tell your story about what Jesus means to you – and what he could mean to others – this will teach and equip you. Not only that, you will enjoy the journey!

    How well does it encourage local or network-based community involvement?

    The resource could go further in encouraging this, and encouraging ongoing story-telling, but it is a superb place to begin and should equip many.

    How well does it connect with global issues?

    Not a focus.

    How well does it encourage global mission?

    Implicitly part of this, but with the focus on the closest networks for individuals.

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